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About us

The Pizza Experience You Deserve

Driven by quality and transparency, we prepare all our products in-house. We use locally grown natural produce. From our stone oven pizzas to freshly roasted espresso & brewed coffee, we serve only the most enjoyable dishes in a fun, urban environment. Where we believe that a shared love for pizza can bring people together.

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Our Best Features, Our Guarantee

When you visit a Pizza Bien restaurant, you can be sure that you’ll only get food that is:

Every box from Pizza Bien gives you
the kind of pizza you deserve at a fair price.


Our Mission

Our Story

With a passion for natural and local ingredients, we are committed to giving pizza lovers freshly-made food prepared with love. We are committed to giving customers the dining experience they deserve. In each of our stores, we aim to serve good food that reminds you of home.


Commitment to Quality

Our plant-based pizzas are handmade from scratch. We use hormone-free, unprocessed meat as we believe every food enthusiast is entitled to healthy alternatives. Our flour, tomato sauce, and dairy products are free from preservatives. You can also expect to find freshly-squeezed juices and homemade pastries on our menu. We understand the growing demand for variety and that’s exactly what we give our customers: a diverse range of pizza, desserts, and drinks all made from pure ingredients.

Loyal to the Advocacy of Sustainability

At Pizza Bien, we take sustainability very seriously. Many restaurants are guilty of excessive food, packaging, and energy waste, so we make a conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint through our green initiatives.We use only plant-based, petroleum-free, biodegradable packaging. Plus, we use recycled products whenever possible.We use solar energy to partially power our restaurants, and our equipments are energy efficient.We pride ourselves on our focus on farm-to-table ingredients. As much as possible, only the freshest ingredients from local sources make their way into our kitchens.We also encourage recycling through the recycling stations found in our stores. We believe that all of us have the responsibility to care for our planet.

Dine With Us

Today, people rarely opt for food prepared from scratch simply because it is too time – consuming. At Pizza Bien, we not only embrace local and natural products, we also believe that freshly made food can be enjoyed in a fast-paced or casual environment. By collaborating with local purveyors, we bring you the most delectable pizzas enhanced by bold and unique flavors. Apart from our artisanal fresh pizza, our customers take great delight in our delicious desserts, lunch combos, breakfast menu, fresh roasted espresso and brewed coffee.We see to it that each of our meals provides a perfect balance of flavors, each of our meals provides a delicious meal and a distinctive experience.


Behind the Business

With nearly 25 years of experience in the business, retail, and food industry, our team continues to produce excellent food through multiple avenues. Our services include catering, carryout, and delivery to ensure we bring our customers the pizza they crave in the most convenient way possible.

Meet Johnny and Erick

Pizza parlors are prevalent in both urban and suburban landscapes but most of the time, good food choices are limited. Restaurant goers often have no idea where their food comes from, too. Our founders, Johnny and Erick , decided to do something about it. Johnny and Erick are no different from your average entrepreneur with ambition. They noticed a niche market’s growing demand and wanted to address it. They knew that everyone had their own preferences when it comes to pizza. But the one thing all pizza lovers have in common is an appreciation for natural food without compromising flavor.