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Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza Bien

What are your hours?

Pizza Bien restaurants are open seven days a week. Hours vary by locations. Please find your nearest Pizza Bien to see hours of operations.


Do you serve breakfast?

Yes, we are open for breakfast, hours vary by locations. Please find your nearest Pizza Bien to see hours of operations. Click here for the Breakfast Menu.


Do you serve lunch?

Yes, we serve lunch, please click here for the lunch menu.


Do you serve dinner?

Yes, we serve lunch, please click here for the dinner menu.


How do I see menu prices?

Visit www.PizzaBien.com and enter your address or zip code in the Online Ordering bar on the home page, then select “Takeaway” or “Delivery” which will direct you to the menu for the store that delivers to your location or stores near you to pick up.


Why are the prices different on the paper menu than online?

Prices on the paper menu reflect the price you pay when you order in-shop. Online ordering prices reflect a delivered price (including a delivery fee).


Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. Delivery fees vary depending on the store.


Why do I need to enter my address or zip code before I place an order?

We use your address or zip code to tell us if you are within our delivery area.


How do I order?

It’s super easy, go to order online enter your address or zip code in the Online Ordering bar on the home page, then select “Takeaway” or “Delivery” which will direct you to the menu for the store that delivers to your location or stores near you to pick up.


I submitted my order. Now what?

Once you submit your order, we’ll send you a receipt as well as a text message confirming everything is on track.


Help! I didn’t get an order confirmation email.

Please make sure you check your spam folder first (just in case our email got lost). Still can’t find it? We got your back. Go to our Contact us page and send us a message.


What if I want to change or cancel my order after it’s already sent?

If you decide you need to cancel or change the order, please reach out to us on our Contact us page.


I got an order confirmation, but the pizzeria is saying they didn’t receive my order. What happened, Pizza Bien?

If you find out they haven’t received your order, reach out to us immediately on our Contact us page so we can sort things out.


How do I search for Pizza Bien near me? How do I find restaurants near me?

Entering your exact address or zip is the best way to get accurate results. Doing that will show you all the restaurants that offer delivery to your home and pickup restaurants within reasonable walking or driving distance.


Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to order?

Yes, we require a minimum order size for delivery (you wouldn’t want to leave the house for just one slice of pizza, would you?), but there’s never a minimum when it comes to pickup orders.


Can I save my payment information?

Of course! When you checkout, you can save, add, or remove a credit card.


When will Pizza Bien charge my credit card?

We charge your card right after you place your order, the same way they do when you order on the phone.


Is payment information on Pizza Bien secure?

Of course. We do not share any payment information with anyone, and we encrypt all the information that comes to us when customers press “Order.” If you are interested in specifics, we use Verisign (the top SSL encryption company) to make sure that no one–including us–has access to your information.


Why is your site saying this Pizza Bien doesn’t deliver to me?

That can happen if you browse by neighborhood, city, or landmark instead of searching with an exact address or zip. To make sure you only see Pizza Bien restaurants that deliver to you, we recommend entering your exact street address or zip from the beginning.


Have the reviews changed?

Our restaurant reviews come from Pizza Bien users. we have even more reviews and ratings based on personal experiences customers have with our restaurants’ food and delivery services. With more reviews being added every day, Pizza Bien ratings are always getting better and making it easier to find the food you want. Are you looking for Google reviews and Yelp reviews? We do have Google reviews and Yelp reviews.


How do I share my opinion about a particular Pizza Bien restaurant? How do I share my opinion about a particular pizzeria?

After you order from one of the Pizza Bien restaurants on our site, you’ll be able to review it. Your review helps future Pizza Bien costumers favorites.


How do pickup orders work?

The ordering process is the same as delivery, except the whole “delivery” thing. We’ll tell you when your food is expected to be ready so you can head over to pick it up. Just be sure to bring your ID or the credit card that was used to charge the order so our restaurants know they’re giving the right food to the right person.


Where do you source your ingredients?

We only serve the best and the best means:

We purchase from local vendors so we support our community. This also means you get it fresh instead of low quality ingredients that have been altered or frozen. We know fresh products give you the best flavors so that’s what you’ll get.

We’re proud that the items are freshly harvested and obtained from sites where responsible farming (green practices) takes place.


How do you make your pizza dough?

For us it’s all about the quality of the menu items so you can be sure we only source the best ingredients. This includes fresh ingredients found locally and then the pizza doughs are made from scratch.

You also won’t find modified ingredients in our kitchen so your pizza dough will contain natural flour. The pizza itself is placed in a stone oven so you get that authentic pizza flavor you’re after.


How do you manage to keep your prices so low?

Because we’re passionate about food and people we aim to keep our prices as low as possible so anyone can enjoy one of our delicious pizzas.

You’ll note we don’t focus on creating large stores. This means we don’t have to increase our pizza prices to pay elaborate rent fees. Our focus is only on making good food and you can get it at exceptional prices.

We also source our ingredients from local vendors. Firstly it benefits the businesses and farmers in the area. Secondly it keeps prices low.


Do you serve vegetarian options?

Our menu changes and always contains items that are vegetarian. We are quite proud of offering you from the freshest, natural and seasonal ingredients.


Is your menu the same every day?

When you visit Pizza Bien you’re always in for a surprise. We love reinventing our menu regularly. You may find a favorite dish today but what we serve tomorrow may even be better. For this reason, please don’t expect to continually see a certain dish on the menu. However, you’re welcome to let us know which ones are your favorites so we can keep on catering to our community’s culinary preferences.


Will I find menu options if I have special dietary needs?

We’re proud of our diverse menu and you’ll find meal options that are acceptable to most of these diets:


FAQ Regarding Ownership

Are you an entrepreneur? Or perhaps a restaurateur who wants some practical experience? That’s what our Pizza Bien Ownership Program is all about. If you’re looking to join the Pizza Bien team as a pizzeria owner, here are the most frequently asked questions we get:


Will Pizza Bien help me get started?

We want you to succeed as much you do. That’s why we have an innovative support system for all our restaurants.

We will help you get your opening inventory purchase ready. Because we have a preferred vendor program we’ll expose you to them and they will provide you with everything you’ll need to get started with your Pizza Bien.

We also assist in looking for premises, guiding you with social media marketing and assisting you. We’ll even help with the marketing on opening day we’ll be there. (See more details below)


Do I need experience to run my own Pizza Bien?

Almost anyone can open a Pizza Bien because we provide such a comprehensive training program. We give you the recipes and we’ve built a dynamic support system to help our managers. We make sure you’ll be able to provide a top of the range dining experience for each customer so you don’t have to be an experienced restaurant owner to become part of Pizza Bien’s network.

However, past management experience will put your application in a more favorable light. Apart from that we simply look for people who have a passion for people and wholesome food.


Two weeks of classroom training where you’ll learn about:

When it’s time for your Pizza Bien to open one of our representatives will be on site with you for as long as necessary up to a maximum of 14 days. Our training will prepare you to open a restaurant by yourself but our experts will be on hand to make those first few days go smooth.


What does the training program consist of?

We make sure our operators have all the knowledge necessary to start off a new business successfully. That’s why we organize dynamic, insightful training:


Can you please help me with financing my own Pizza Bien?

If you need assistance in obtaining funds for some of these expenses, please note that Pizza Bien doesn’t offer direct financing. We can only help with advice and references in the following manners:

Does Pizza Bien offer a multi unit restaurant opportunity?

If you can handle one, why not try two, right? We aim to create beneficial environments for our operators. Therefore you will be allowed to open Pizza Bien outlets in multiple locations. This means you can have control of a certain territory if you wish. For this reason a protected territory will be part of your business agreement with us.

And here’s a bonus we offer our loyal operators: If a Pizza Bien outlet in an adjacent territory goes up for sale you’ll have the first right of refusal.


Where is the best place to open a Pizza Bien?

Location, Location, Location. It’s a cliché but it’s easy to understand why it’s so well known. It’s true!
Your Pizza Bien’s success will partly be determined by its geographical location. Firstly you’ll need the right size premises:

Based on our experience we know what works so we suggest these lots and the surrounding area have certain characteristics:

You don’t need a strong anchor tenant but then you’ll need more visibility and signage.

Because we want to help you succeed we’ll collaborate with your local real estate office to help find a suitable premises.


What is the setup process?

You can see that we have particular guidelines and the preparation stage is important to us. For this reason it can take anything from 6 – 12 months after signing an agreement before your Pizza Bien restaurant opens.

However this timeline is dependent on identifying and acquiring a premises so if you have one available already your outlet can open earlier.


What is your social media policy?

We all know the importance and power of social media & digital marketing. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive Social Media Policy. The best practices contained in there both guide you as a new member of our team and they protect the Pizza Bien brand.

We know each person has a unique knowledge and capacity regarding marketing & social media. But we must all communicate with one central message. We make this aspect part of our training so you know what to do when your store opens.


Do you want to get started?


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