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We want to get the word out there that Pizza Bien is the best pizza in town. To do this we are inviting people to explore ownership through Pizza Bien.

If you see yourself owning a pizzeria within a dynamic company, then we’d love for you to apply for restaurant ownership.

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Are You the Right Fit?

The ideal Pizza Bien pizzeria owner is someone who can dedicate enough time to make their business a success. We’ll be working closely with you to ensure you have everything you need.

So are you a good fit?

Explore Ownership Through Pizza Bien

If you answered yes to any of these questions we’d love to present you with the opportunity of owning a Pizza Bien pizzeria. You’re the type of person we want to work with to open new pizzerias in your home town.

So will you help us spread the love?

There are no limitations to owning a Pizza Bien restaurant. We are happy to spread all across the US, and we’re even venturing to open restaurants in other countries! If you identify with our business model and if you have a passion for food, we want you on our team.

You’ll have the option of opening up a single or a multi-unit pizzeria. Or you can choose to be an area developer, someone who helps us spread more Pizza Bien pizzerias within a particular area. We also offer international ownership options for those who wish to introduce Pizza Bien to a different country.

Financing Options

Financing is the first and most important step to getting started in any restaurant. We’ve considered this factor and come up with multiple options for financing a pizzeria like ours.

Which one suits you?

Home Equity Line of Credit

If you’ve paid off a good portion of your house, you can use that equity as collateral for a business loan. This is known as a HELOC, it simply means that you can refinance your home and keep paying off your mortgage monthly like you’re accustomed to.


Before you can be approved for a HELOC, you will need to prove to your bank that you can pay off your mortgage with your existing income. You will therefore need some other form of income that’s independent of your new business.

Depending on what state you’re in, you could be approved for up to 80% (Florida) of your home equity. Before you consider this method of financing your pizzeria, check that your state allows for second mortgages—since some don’t.

401K Rollover / IRA

If you have a 401K, you can qualify for business finance without having to declare your income. This is a great option to take because there is very little documentation, and your money is safely in your control as a liquid asset.


Remember that for most people their 401K is their nest egg. Your business automatically becomes your nest egg if you use your 401K for financing. You may also want to do some research and check whether the interest you can make on your 401K is potentially higher than the income of your business.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

An SBA loan is a viable government-backed finance option. The loan period typically spans over a period of 5-7 years. There’s no prepayment penalty, and some of your cash is conserved while you get your business up and running.

A loan like this holds interest of around 2.75 interest points over prime. If you don’t have a strong credit record, this can be a great way to create one.


Unlike the above two options, this option requires loads of paperwork. The loan may take up to 90 days before it’s approved. If you’re in a rush to get your business going, this could be one to pass on.

Friends & Family

If you’re looking for flexibility in paying back your loan, you may consider a loan from friends or family. Relatives have a vested interest in your success, and may be only too happy to help you out with business financing.


Unlike the above two options, this option requires loads of paperwork. The loan may take up to 90 days before it’s approved. If you’re in a rush to get your business going, this could be one to pass on.


Going into partnership with someone who can either match or subsidize your capital is a great way to start a business. Although you’ll end up sharing profits, it gets you both to the profit-making stage a lot quicker. It’s also more comfortable and respectively cheaper for both parties to get started.

The benefits of a good partnership are that two heads are better than one. You have two people bringing their experience to the table, which can do wonders for any business.


In many cases where there are two or more people involved, opinions will differ. Unless clear requirements and responsibilities for each partner are set up, the business relationship may decline. A proper partnership contract will always include:

  • Investments
  • Income
  • Benefits
  • Business shares
  • Dissolvement
  • Responsibilities

3rd Party Financing

An option that suits many is to find an investor—someone who is willing to risk their capital for return later. A 3rd party investor will provide you with the capital (or the balance of the capital) you need to start your business. An arrangement is agreed upon regarding the ownership of the business and repayment of the “loan.” Three main options are available and sometimes combined to fit both parties:

  • The 3rd party investor is offered shares within the business and therefore benefits from profit share.
  • The money is paid back on a residual basis. This means that the full loan is paid back much later, but with interest.
  • Monthly repayments (with or without interest) are made to the 3rd party investor.

Selling your business idea to a 3rd party investor can be tricky. Many investors are weary of risking their money on someone else’s ambition. Make sure you have a sound business plan that sets out your financial strategy and promises to deliver on profit generation.

Why Own a Pizza Bien Restaurant?

People love our pizza because it’s delicious and affordable. The reason it’s so affordable? Because our pizzerias are low maintenance and high efficiency. This is only one reason to join the Pizza Bien team – we have a business model that’s designed for you to succeed!

Another great reason to own a Pizza Bien pizzeria is because it’s a low initial investment for a high return. If you dedicate yourself to our business model, you can create a fantastic living for yourself and your family!

Pizza Bien is a relatively new company. That means there are tons of great areas where our pizzerias aren’t established yet. With your help, we could occupy extremely lucrative areas and grow Pizza Bien to your benefit.

But what about advertising? Pizza Bien uses modern digital means to spread the word about our pizza. That means you receive continual marketing that’s targeted, relevant and expertly thought out.

Your pizzeria will be a dream to operate. Pizza Bien has an intuitive business model that sets you up fast, conveniently and without a massive impact on the environment.

Operation of a Pizza Bien pizzeria is also seamless. We have an easy-to-follow process for everything; including:

  • Ingredients
  • Serving
  • Bookings
  • Orders
  • Catering
  • Preparation

Most of the work has already been done on your behalf. We’re just waiting for you to step in and make it all come together! Do you want to get started?


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