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Real Estate

Rent Out Your Unused
Small Lot or Empty Parking Spaces

Make money by renting out your unused lot or parking spaces

Great reasons to rent out your unused lot
or your empty parking spaces:

Alternative source of income

Get paid straight to your PayPal™ or bank account

Makes good use of unused parking areas

Are you eligible? Do you own or manage the following?

– Schools

– Colleges

– Churches

– Vacant parking lots

– Hotel resorts

– Gas stations

– Theme parks

– Beaches and beach parking lots


If you do or own or manage one of these, did you know that you could rent out your parking space and get paid straight to your bank account or PayPal?

We’d love to hear from you! How would you like to rent out your parking spaces and know for sure that you’ll have traffic? That’s exactly what we offer through our parking space rental agreement.: